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Those in glass houses….

I can’t be the only one to be sickened by the sight of joyous, grinning, hacks circling like vultures around the NTOW scandal with holier-than-thou grins proclaiming the evilness of the Murdoch empire under the farcical pretence of seeking to secure journalistic integrity.

They should all be reminded of one very simple phrase: “those in glass houses should not throw stones”. If you believe that the practice of phone hacking and disreputable news gathering is unique only to News International then you are indeed a naive fool.

They don’t call it the ‘gutter press’ for nothing. The Information Commissioner has already released details of many other publications caught wilfully bending the rules and flouting the law.

And when will those (rightly) questioning David Cameron’s judgement over his appointment of Andy Coulson begin questioning Ed Milliband’s appointment of Tom Baldwin, a former News International hack with his own links to hacking?

Those in the press who are embarking on this Murdock Jihad as part of a wider campaign to scupper his BSkyB bid should tread with caution as you may end up presenting our politicians with the golden opportunity to regulate journalism. Is that really what we want?



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