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Brown And Out

Gordon Brown (remember him?) has appeared back in the spotlight today to make some fairly serious accusations against the News International and in particular the Sun and the Sunday Times.If true, they are truly disgusting. The worst being that in 2006 the Sun illegally obtained highly sensitive information that the Browns’ first child, Jennifer, was dying of a brain haemorrhage and published it days before she died in 2002. The incident is reported to have caused the Brown’s deep distress.

Such distress is quite understandable. What is not so understandable is the more than cordial Browns/Brooks/Murdoch relationship in the following years. Sarah and Gordon apparently hosted gatherings at Chequers that included Brooks and Murdoch’s daughter on the guestlist. The Brown’s even went as far as to host Rebekah Brooks’s 40th Birthday party in 2008. A very cosy relationship indeed. Like the Coulson/Cameron connection, this news surely cast’s doubt over Brown’s judgement.

As the old saying goes, ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies’.

UPDATE: Allegations are also swirling that The Sunday Times hired someone to blag their way into Brown’s bank account. This fits a trend with allegations from Lord Ashcroft that ex-Times hack Tom Baldwin, now Ed Milliband’s chief spin doctor, hired a blagger to gain access to Tory party bank accounts.



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