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George, where’s the growth?

A combination of monetary autonomy, stable AAA rating & a credible deficit reduction programme makes the UK stand out in the current chaos of the Eurozone. It’s why we can borrow as cheaply as Germany, have a Greek-style deficit and sustain Italian-style levels of state spending. George Osborne settled the markets with his credibility but the lack of growth is worrying. Continue reading


The bombshell you may have missed

You may have missed it but yesterday one MP made an allegation that could blow the phone hacking scandal wide open. Allegations that former Attorney General and DPP were fully aware of widespread phone hacking at the NOTW but were instructed by someone in government to limit any police investigation. Continue reading

The Home Sec, News International and the investigation that never was…

Back in 2003 Rebekah Brooks made an astonishing revelation about illegal payments to the Met Police. If I told you that the man who could/should have launched the investigation that could have brought the whole NOTW house of cards down didn’t and then went on to receive payments from News International, would you be surprised? … Continue reading

Kinnock vs the freedom of the press

Neil Kinnock has plenty of reasons to hate Rupert Murdoch. His belief that the Sun’s infamous light-bulb front page cost him the ’92 election gave rise (falsely in my opinion) to idea of Murdoch as a king maker in British politics. Yet this morning, clearly still smarting over that very front page, Kinnock effectively called for an end to a free press in Britain.
Continue reading

The BBC has let us down

No, this has nothing to do with phone hacking. It has nothing to do with Rupert Murdoch, Andy Coulson or Rebbeka Brooks. Nothing at all to do with News International, so if that’s all you are interested in click away now. Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the most phone hackers of them all?

Earlier in the week, Alistair Campbell, was arguing that following the downfall of the NOTW, that the Daily Mail should be next on the hit list for its use of illegal practices. What Campbell failed to mention was the scale of alledged illegal activity at his own former employer, the Daily Mirror. Continue reading

Brown And Out

Gordon Brown (remember him?) has appeared back in the spotlight today to make some fairly serious accusations against the News International and in particular the Sun and the Sunday Times.If true, they are truly disgusting. The worst being that in 2006 the Sun illegally obtained highly sensitive information that the Browns’ first child, Jennifer, was … Continue reading

An Opportunity for Reform

One thing is clear from watching Question Time last night and that is the public is now turning its attention towards the relationship between the Murdoch empire and our top politicians. For decades, as the most powerful press barron in the world, our politicians have been cosying up Murdoch under the pretence that (to paraphrase) … Continue reading

Pretty for a day, but useless for a week

Ed Milliband has called today for an immediate referral to the Competition Commission of the NewsCorp-BskyB merger in light of the phone hacking scandal at the NOTW. Clearly, Ed didn’t get the note from his very own News International employee come spin doctor, not to conflate the two issues. The problem for the Government is … Continue reading

Cash for Cops

To my mind the far more important issue to come out of the NOTW phone hacking scandal is not who hacked who’s phone but which coppers sold what data and for how much? The rampant hacking of victims of crimes phones and the admittance of payments to police officers by Rebbekah Brooks suggests a culture … Continue reading


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